Too Late To Turn Back

I’m sorry

but I’m scared


staring all of my mistakes

in the face

wondering if I’ll make them again

and you

are not a mistake

at least I hope not

but the past is still between us

keeping me from getting closer to you

because distance cannot hold a candle

to time

nor can it erase what is done.

What We Are

We are creators

artists and writers

we are passionate

in everything that pours

from the tips of our fingers

and our tongues

onto canvas and paper

all that we have

we give to the world

and watch as it consumes

the life that we gave it

from our own hands

grateful that our love

is not disposable

is not recyclable

but once it has been given

it is dead

and we are forced to start


never wavering in our efforts

to satisfy the conditions

of our own humanity.

We are written

into the bindings

of a book

that we will never

have the chance to read

but are predetermined

to reenact

each and every scene

until the chapter has ended

and the cover

has been torn

so that it can never

be opened again

by the same hands

that gave it to the world.

You Have To Let Go First

One of these days

I’m going to stop holding hands

with the pain

you made me fall in love with

it will be hard at first

and many times I will not succeed

but I first have to let go of you

for you to then let go of me

but without that hand of longing

and brief, bittersweet release

wrapped tightly around my wrist

I will emerge from the line

of people still yielding

to their vices

and I will look over my shoulder

back at them all

back at you

and I will smile

and I will shout

“Everything is going to be okay!”

just like you told me

when I was still so young

but it won’t be to you

it will be the girl

still holding your other hand

and she won’t believe me at first

unlike how I believed you

but when I don’t return

she will understand that

without you

and only without you

will everything be okay.