A Match Will Have To Do

It may be arduous at times

finding the light in a world as despairing as ours

but I assure you my friend

that even in the darkest of corners

and the in the most desolate of silences

there will always be a glow

a whisper

to guide you away

from your solitary tribulation

and into the arms

of grace

and if you seek diligently

mercy will seek you

just the same

Hiding The Truth From Even Ourselves

Hey, how have you been?

(I’ve missed you)

I’ve been good.

(I’m a mess)

Yeah, It’s been awhile.

(I’ve thought about you everyday)

What are you doing these days?

(Tell me you haven’t moved on)

Oh, that’s great.


Me? Yeah, nothing serious though.

(No, not since you)

Yeah, it was good to see you too.

(Don’t Go)

Too Much To Say And Too Little Time

I have found, that my problem is


I always have too much to say.

A shortage or time

and an excess of words.


I wonder if its really just that silence

can speak louder

and hold more meaning


because someone lost in thought,

liberated from their own voice,

can not only see what they’re thinking


they can feel it.