Some Mistakes Aren’t Mistakes At All

I’m beginning to think that you’re more distinct than I had originally given you credit for.

I don’t know what it is, or was, about you but it sits still sweetly at the tip of my tongue as if you had never used yours to manipulate and reject me.

When I think about all the others my brain hurriedly fills with regret and my face contorts in a cringe that only comes with the kind of mistake that doesn’t change anything but the way you feel about yourself.

And no, you’re not the only one that doesn’t make my stomach wretch, my eyes shut tight, my brain struggle to block the slideshow of mortification, but you are the only one that I had gone so far with and given so much to without hesitation and can still stand firmly on the crumbling foundation of our past.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that wishing I had never been with them and wishing I had never met you are different in the ways that one would have kept me from having the opportunity to make some bad decisions and the other would have saved me from tumbling blindly off the steepest cliff I’d ever stood atop as I fell in love with you.

A Match Will Have To Do

It may be arduous at times

finding the light in a world as despairing as ours

but I assure you my friend

that even in the darkest of corners

and the in the most desolate of silences

there will always be a glow

a whisper

to guide you away

from your solitary tribulation

and into the arms

of grace

and if you seek diligently

mercy will seek you

just the same