Things I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About While I’m At Work

Standing, waiting,

sitting, standing again.

Time is passing, so that’s good I guess.

So are faces,

of people I’ll never meet, or see again,

of people I’ll never care about

with names that I’ll never know.

Each Time Is Different But I’ll Always Be The Same

Time is turning back

faster than I’d like it to

and all I can imagine now

is what my brain will think to do

because i’ve been here before

and it didn’t work the first time

or the second, or the third

why do I even still try

to find something that works

not just for me

but for you

its harder than I thought it’d be

and now i’m scared

of what I’ll do

when time repeats itself

and I don’t follow through

with the promises I made

and the things I said

you should turn back now

because theres dismay ahead

in this thing we don’t understand

my minds been forsaken

and my heart,

a wasteland.


Without Pain, A Soul Will Molder

If too much faith is put in humanity than the entire world will overlook the necessity of tribulation.

Society cannot rely on the message it attempts to teach, but must give recognition to what can only be learned through trial.

Misery has become the cultivator of good nature and without suffering a soul can’t grow and be humbled.

It will be fostered by ignorance and eventually it will spoil without ever being forced to understand empathy.

And as it is one thing to be shown compassion, it is an entirely different notion to have to show that compassion to someone else.

Without these fundamental understandings of condolence and altruism, humanity will be overcome with selfishness and greed.

People will condemn their past because of how it made them feel but not take a second to realize what it taught them.

It will be overlooked that once these adversities are conquered a hero can emerge from the devastation knowing now how to save someone else in a way they were not.

There is a beauty, an obligation, in pain, it just needs to be found, thought about, and understood.

And take comfort that there will never be a shortage.


Most Things Will Kill You, But Most Things Probably Won’t Kill You

If I ask for a week,

then I’ll get a day.

And if I ask for a day,

I’ll get an hour.

Of your time

where you pretend

to care.

So I’ll ask for a minute

just to see that single second

of pride

glint fleetingly in your eyes,

because no one

is going to make you feel that way

but no one

can make me care