Blue Eyes Blurred Mine

Maybe its just blue eyes

and maybe its just the way blue eyes only cry

for themselves.

Then again, whose to say blue eyes cry

at all?

If the ocean were to weep

it would not weep for me

but because the world hadn’t seen

the crown upon its queen.

And if I

were to cry from behind brown eyes and white lines

the tears I cried would not be mine

but belong to you

and your blue eyes.

Let It Pass But Don’t Watch Where It Goes

Old dogs and young men

die every day.

Young horses and old men

die too,

but not in the same ways.

The kings are hopeful

I’ll give them that,

but as much as they know

and as little as they see

there’s not a thing they can do

to save the men

or the fleas.

More Than What You’re Given But Less Than You Deserve

I don’t know what you want,

or what you need,

or even who you are.

I don’t know where you need to be,

where you want to be,

or even where you stand.

I can’t make you belong

and I can’t make you believe me

but I’ll be damned

if I can’t make you happy.

I’d pull down the stars for you

just to see the way they shined in your eyes

and I’d take your hand

just to feel the way it felt in mine.

I’ve never been as happy

as I am when I’m with you

and I’d give my whole life

trying to make you feel that too.

If you just gave me the chance

I could show you how it feels to love

or what it’s like to live,

when to leave and when to forgive.

There’s a whole world out there

just waiting to be sought through

and I want to see the whole thing,

but not yet, not without you.

So come with me,

and I won’t let you down

we’ll live everywhere, and belong nowhere

because there’s more to life than picket fences

and small towns.

I’ll Only Give Up, When You Give In

I wonder if you think that I

am as witless as I feel,

falling to my knees and begging you for forgiveness

and purpose;

never realizing that when we first met

you had given to me all of the blatant certainty

I would ever need.

I wonder too, If I’ve ever made you as happy

as you have made me,

but then I think, “Of course,

there was I time that I must have.”.

Even though, I know I haven’t.

That realization, although sober, biting,

has never,  will never

stop me from trying.

Maybe that is just another facet

that makes us different,

but more likely,

it is the only thing about the two of us

that is the same.


Don’t Think Too Hard

Sometimes I wonder


if his eyes had been

as wide as his smile

then maybe he would have seen

how much he meant to me


and if his words beat

as loud as his heart screamed

then maybe I would have heard

what he meant to say.


In the end, I’m sure

that we never could have know

the potency of the passion

that had broken our hearts


but healed our bones.