Open You’re Door To Melancholy Sentiments The Way You Would For A Close Friend

I know it hurts but try not to run from it,

because all of those melancholy moments

that hasten  together in a blur

of anxiety and hopelessness


are more important than you can imagine.


I know you’re angry but try not to dwell in it,

but revel in everything that you feel


because even though you dread it

those emotions are the only thing that’s real.


And they’re responsible for all of you’re most complex

ideas and insights

even if you don’t understand at first

they’ll be back to remind you the next night.


But I urge you to welcome them in,

and offer them a place to stay

so that you might begin to discuss

what to make of the way



you’ve been feeling.





Girls Love Bukowski Because Girls Love To Hate Bukowski

There’s something about Charles Bukowski

wether it be his bitterly apathetic attitude,

coarse language,

or his seemingly unconventional approach to love.


It could also be the way he writes about women,

stripping them of their individuality,

of their humanity.

Until they’re just another plot point

in his selfishly explicit narratives.


You’d think that would turn girls away,

but it doesn’t.


His quick wit and sharp tougne

made him the perfect adversary in any argument,

and his self-involvement meant that

he would never need anyone

more than they needed him.


His love would have been as fleeting

as a rose freshly picked,

Sweet and indulgent at first

but then rotting away to reveal

the brittle layers of a withered temperement.



His inevitable departure would never fail

to incite a particularly intoxicating apprehension.


Whatever it is,

we all just pretend we don’t know

what he looks like,

and we read his poems as though

they were written for us.

The Lengths At Which Absurdity Will Drive A Magistrate

They look down on us from gold-plated plinths,

like deities resurrected from ancient Greece,

exhaling elegance and sophistication with every disparaging sigh


Their flawless manner and astounding grace will never cease

to impress the plebeians that stand in their shadow while

they look down on them from gold-plated plinths.


The roll of their eyes and heaviness of their breath is meant to teach

us when our actions don’t display the same style

as exhaling elegance and sophistication with every disparaging sigh.


When they throw up their noses rejoicing and laughter cease

as we all take one knee and bow our heads toward the isle,

and they look down on us from gold-plated plinths.


We honor the sacrifice they made with unpleasant but compromising peace.

The sacrifice of pleasantries and simplistic bemusement all to hold trial

and to exhale elegance and sophistication with every disparaging sigh.


However; some of us would prefer to revel in our absurd and childlike pleasantries,

basking in each others unrefined hilarity and shameful smiles,

then to look down on the world from a gold-plated plinth

and exhale sophistication and grace with every disparaging sigh.

The Only Way You Know It’s Working Is If It Hurts

It hurts but thats how you know that it’s working

The fire is feint but you know it’s still burning


The sky is dark grey but you know the sun is still shining

The poet is dead but you know he’s still pining


The birds are all gone but you know they’re still singing

The artist looks absent but you know he’s just thinking


The sinner looks down but you know its love that he’s breathing

Your chest may feel tight but you know it’s still heaving


It hurts but thats how you know that it’s working

The world may look lost but at least its still turning

The Difference Between A Hollow Heart And A Harrowed One

Some find themselves content

in simple and shallow love,


but others can’t be satiated until they are plunged

into the depths of another person’s consciousness.


They struggle to comprehend everything that the other person is

and fervently loving everything they find.


As they dive deeper and deeper every moment

into the vast expanse that is a complex and marvelous human being,


they find parts of themselves they had never met before

and learn to distinguish between


what is a coincidence

and what is a tie.

Unexpected Change Is The Friend You Never Want To Invite In

It’s an anomalous realization

to make in the middle of the day,

that everything you have hoped for,

dreamt of,

and anticipated,

for such a long time


has disappeared.


The idea of the life you’d created

in your head and in the corners of your heart

had been lost and disfigured

right in front of you .

And you didn’t even notice,


not at first.


The thought struck you later,

when you went to dream

and you noticed that you didn’t have anything

to dream about.