Turning Off What You Never Turned On

I watched

as you dredged up a love

in my own heart

and forced me to see you

in a light that you could only see yourself

and it took me so long

to turn it off

that I know I never had

and simply waited

for it to burn out

all on it’s own.

Works In Progress

Your love is like a drug

that I only tried once

and since then I’ve been so hooked

that my entire life has become

a fervent

exacerbated attempted

to simultaneously get as far away from

and as close to

you as possible

what a pitiful

vain discourse

that I have put myself through

trying to win your heart

and yet, I don’t think I’ll ever stop

because you would think

that after all this time

that it should already be done.

Too Late To Turn Back

I’m sorry

but I’m scared


staring all of my mistakes

in the face

wondering if I’ll make them again

and you

are not a mistake

at least I hope not

but the past is still between us

keeping me from getting closer to you

because distance cannot hold a candle

to time

nor can it erase what is done.

Beautifully Natural Disasters

I know its awful

but I love to see her cry

not because I know she’s in pain

or that someone has their hand around her heart

but because it reminds how inspiring melancholy can really be

and how amazing it is when someone is moved

it puts the dejection in apathy

that I never knew was there

and shows me again how beautiful eyes can be

through glass windows

opening and closing as all of the hate and confusion

that shes feeling rolls down her cheeks

and somehow


she emerges from her own natural disasters

more confident and beautiful every time

as if nothing had ever hurt her

and nothing could again.