Taking Adequacey By The Handful

I’ve been laying up at night

taking adequacy by the handful

wondering how long it will be

before you tell me that it’s working.

Even if the dejection

stops pounding in my chest

then I’ll have to dwell

in the bitter, still tender loneliness

of the places, you never touched.

It looks as though

18 years just hasn’t been enough

to overcome my addiction

to everything you won’t give me.

Works In Progress

Your love is like a drug

that I only tried once

and since then I’ve been so hooked

that my entire life has become

a fervent

exacerbated attempted

to simultaneously get as far away from

and as close to

you as possible

what a pitiful

vain discourse

that I have put myself through

trying to win your heart

and yet, I don’t think I’ll ever stop

because you would think

that after all this time

that it should already be done.

An Open Letter To A Closed Addiction

Everything about me

makes me long for you,

and every long day

makes me miss those fleeting moments

we shared together.

Every tear I shed

reminds me

of the ones you wiped from my face

and as the pain gets a little worse

I try not to remember

how you made it better.

Every word I write

is pushing you away

so for now

I’ll be the one thats new

and you can be weathered.


Taking Escape By The Handful

Living is strange

and people are dumb

that why I take these pills,

cause they make me feel numb.


They’re blue and red,

and they’re clouding my vision

but don’t worry ’bout me

it’s a minor addiction.


I’ll just take one, okay four,

I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’ve losing track of space

and I’m floating through time.


I’ll find my way back

in a few hours, I think,

I woke up and its Wednesday,

man I need a drink.


Guess I’ll do it again

and hope for the best,

I’ll take few now

and leave tomorrow, the rest.